The NexGEN Athletics Methodology considers long term athlete development (LTAD) a priority for student-athletes.  As children move from one stage of development to the next, it is critical to make appropriate adjustments. 

The NexGEN Project is here to support parents as they monitor their children's progress.

Sport Sampling

NexGEN Sport Sampling Events 

support student-athletes with their development, whether it be discovering athletic talents or building on their already existing foundation.

These fun instructional events are skill-based circuits intended to expand their overall athleticism.  

Fitness Tests

The NexGEN monthly field-based testing encourages student-athletes to improve their overall fitness. Fitness components measured are: 




After every event, data will be collected to provide insight into student-athletes progress.

Athlete Monitoring

The NexGEN Events will provide friendly reports and feedback for parents who wish to monitor their child's progress.

Reports are a great way of monitoring physical abilities over time as student-athletes engage in community sports programs and clubs.  

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