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REGISTRATION FORMS: Registration forms and applicable waivers must be filled out before the athletes' first practice.



The Competitive Roster:  The competitive roster will be at the coaching staff's discretion and athlete readiness. We kindly ask that you pay your membership fees in full before competing.

Please Note: It may result in athletes not competing. We ask that you make your payments before the first practice session to avoid disappointment. 


Quest Sports Inc/NexGEN Kids was established as a high-performance athletic program designed to nurture the next generation of elite athletes. We are dedicated to delivering a high-performance training program that will develop all ages in their pursuit of excellence. Therefore the implementation of this program will demand families and athletes alike, to commit to an intense process in the desire of rising to the top of their athletic endeavours. The goal is becoming an elite athlete in their sport and potentially even achieving the Olympic Dream.  


We are not a recreational program and therefore limit our team members to those who show the potential and desire to reach the next level. The individuals that we will take on this journey must have proven to the sports world around them whether it be in gym class or sports club that they are some of the best athletes among their peers. As such we have put in place stringent athletic indicators that will identify potential members of Quest Sports.


Quest Sports inc is a small group and unfortunately, due to lack of public funding, we are unable to meet everyone’s needs. All athletes are screened and unfortunately, not all students will meet the standard. 

We are always looking for the next athletic prodigy and are eager to be a part of their team to assist them in reaching their next level.

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