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NexGEN Association


Our Association

NexGEN Kids provides children ages 3 to 10 with an immersive multi-sport experience from day one. Through our fun-infused system focused on high-quality skill development, young athletes will begin to see improvements in all areas of their athleticism!

What your child will learn with NexGEN:

  • Athletic Development

    • Transferrable multi-sport skills

    • Sport knowledge

      • Rules of the game​

      • Tactics & strategy

  • Personal Development

    • Good character qualities
      • Resilience​
      • Determination
      • Focus
      • Kindness
      • Consideration
    • Problem solving
    • Communication
    • ​Proper sport etiquette & good sportsmanship 
    • ​Healthy competition

Our proprietary training system will develop your child into a skilled athlete while building their confidence. Benefits of our all-inclusive model include:

  • All sport requirements under one association

  • Prevents overlapping of different sport organizations

  • Time- and travel-efficient

  • Progress tracking from sport-to-sport

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