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NexGEN Association


Our Association

The NexGEN association fully embodies the Elite Sport Development Pathway. From day one, the children are immersed in a system of high-quality skill development, while having fun.

The association focuses on:

  • Development

    • Learn high quality, multisport skills

    • Personal development

  • How to play

    • Sport etiquette 

      • Sportsmanship

    • Rules of the game

      • Gameplay

      • Tactics & Strategy

  • Fun non-competitive and competitive events

Our NexGEN proprietary training system will develop your child into a skilled athlete while building their confidence. Benefits of our all-inclusive model include:

  • All sport requirements under one association

  • Prevents overlapping of different sport organizations

  • The one stop shop concept is convenient for parents (time and travel efficient)

  • Progress tracking from sport-to-sport

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