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About Us

How It All Began

NexGEN provides a solution to balancing sports, life, and school for young athletes & their families.


3 Pillars of Success


Talent Identification

Through our Talent Identification Program, we are able to discover the areas where your child possesses natural talent.

We provide young athletes with opportunities to improve in those areas, and develop skills that will help them become well-rounded athletes in their sports journeys.


Long-Term Athlete Development

We will encourage your child to work with excellence in mind through every stage of athletic development.


This promotes a high level of self-awareness in young athletes, greatly reducing their risk of injuries, as they move from fundamental skills to more advanced ones.


Sports Nutrition

We will provide nutritional education for your child's optimal athletic performance and a long-term healthy lifestyle.

Young athletes will come to understand the importance of having good nutritional habits, setting them up for a lifetime of healthy eating, living, and thinking.


At Our Core

Our Mission

To build tomorrow’s champions today, through the spirit of sports excellence & etiquette

Our Vision

To fill the sport world with elite athletes who are above the competition in body, mind and spirit

Our Goal

To become the industry leader in multi-sport programming through talent identification, long term athlete development and sport nutrition

Our Values






Our Team

We are a passionate, energetic & impactful team, seeking to create a culture of unity through fun and excellence.


Thank You For Your Contribution
To Helping Us Grow!

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