About NexGEN

The Ultimate Method to Building Champions

The NexGEN Association implements our Talent Identification Training System, designed by Olympian and Founder Donna Clarke. This system is built on our Three Pillars of Success:

1. Talent Identification

Talent Identification is the sequential model designed for a child's development, which is NexGEN’s secret to talent mastery.

2. Long-Term Athlete Development

NexGEN has adopted the Long-Term Athlete Development Framework recognized by International, National, and Provincial sport-governing bodies, as well as organizations like Active for Life.

3. Nutrition

From the garden to the plate, nutrition is the last puzzle piece to our three pillars of success. Proper education on how to fuel your child’s body at a young age will lead to optimal athletic performance and a long-term healthy lifestyle. Investing in quality food is investing in quality health. 

Why Multi-Sport?

Transferrable Skills

Increased Athletic Potential

Low Injury Risk

Low Burnout Risk

Sport Longevity

Time to Heal & Develop Muscles


Our Mission

To build tomorrow’s champions today, through the spirit of sports excellence & etiquette


Our Vision

To develop, discover and inspire the next generation of champions.


Our Goal

To become the industry leader in multisport programming through talent identification, long term athlete development and sport nutrition.

Our Values






Our Team

We are a passionate, energetic & impactful team, seeking to create a culture of unity through fun and excellence.